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Florin Popovici


Date of Birth:
Apr 08,1961

Want to Work in:
Work Experience:
To model the business environment by applying modern IT technologies.

• Software architect specialized in Microsoft technologies with certifications in SharePoint 2010, Business Intelligence and SQL Server.
• State of the art, efficient modeling of the transactional/work-group business information environment by applying modern relational, UDM and OO techniques.
• Top expertise in the MS SQL Server product including development and administration of the OLTP and/or DW environments
• Outstanding BI (SSAS, SSIS, SSRS) developments using Microsoft technologies.
• Extensive research and implementations with new technologies including SQL Server 2012, SharePoint 2010, PowerShell, Oracle 11g and Power Pivot.

Work Experience
I currently work here
Consultant - SharePoint 2010
Nestle Vevey, through SOGETI
Contributor to more than eight iterations of a unified generic SharePoint 2010 platform called Shell V2 to simplify, facilitate and standardize the cooperative creation of world-wide web content for Nestle.
• Shell V2 content type definition and creation according to specification. PowerShell scripts maintenance for automation of content type hub creation.
• SharePoint 2010 features development for Shell V2 activation.
• C# code generation for the Shell V2 MS project, using T4 Templates
• CAML queries and C# web development for reporting on SharePoint document information
• PowerShell script maintenance for Shell V2 initial installation and setup
• Elmah prototype for error logging and utility for Shell V2
• Windows 2008 Servers installation, configuration, setup for hosting the Shell V2 SharePoint product.
• SandCastle conceptual and reference documentation (version 1) for the whole Shell V2 project
• User/Administrator manual for PowerShell script installation and configuration
• Shell V2 code review
• Technologies: SharePoint Server 2010, Visual Studio 2010, Windows 2008 Server, Windows 7, MS Project, MS Visio, SQL Server 2008, Windows PowerShell 2, C#, Java Script, Spark View Engine, JSon, Ajax, Autofac, Elmah, T4 Templates, MS Build, SandCastle Documentation, TFS

Consultant - BI, SharePoint 2010, databases, ETL
Swisscom, Bern through VOLT
• Oracle 11g, ETL implementations for the Swisscom DEX workgroup project managing the expansion of fiber optic cables throughout Switzerland in cooperation with partners.
• Main contributor to developing a network algorithm for relating optical fibers to cables, nodes and locations. Implemented the algorithm using Oracle 11g and Talend ETL tools being the key component to successfully completing the project deliverables.
• A software agency specification for simplifying and efficiently managing the expanding software information environment
• Performed test operations and wrote the system handbook documentation
• Technologies: Windows 2008 Server, Windows 7, Linux, MS Project, SQL Server 2008, BI SSAS/SSRS/SSIS, Talend 4.2, Oracle 11G R2, Java
I currently work here
Performed SharePoint migration, operational support, design and development for Credit Suisse AG.
• Successfully migrated the CH –CS – SharePoint Collaboration farm from the 2007 platform to the 2010 platform. Owner of the main migration processes on the CH-CS side including migration documentation.
• Perfected the final migration through an iterative partial migration process in a test environment. Over 1350 SharePoint sites (over 1.8 TB of data) migrated successfully. Less than 30 sites had migration issues due to customizations which were fixed in less than one 1 month period.
• Coordination and cooperative work with the CS London team and CS SQL team in order to perform the final migration in a record two day period (during the weekend).
• Advised the SQL and storage teams on proper SQL processes and storage for the final migration (over 2.5 TB of SQL cluster storage).
• Performed SharePoint 2010 deployments in various environments.
• Solved SharePoint 2010 various issues on a daily basis as these appeared in the CS tracking-ticketing system.
• Architected SharePoint 2010 sites according to business needs for various business units within CS in order to efficiently leverage existing SharePoint in box features and reduce customizations. (The CS mortgage management project site, Integration team site and public site, …)
• SharePoint 2010 cloud research
from 1991 to 1994
Microsoft Corporation (Redmond, USA) Feb. 1999 – Jan. 2005
Windows Division – Hardware Driver Quality
Software Design Engineer; Database (Service) Architect and Database/BI Developer (Lead)
Architected, developed and maintained three major BI/DB/.NET systems with direct impact on improving the Windows Operating System and the management of the Windows Driver Division.
• Initiation and delivery of a database service system managing the activity of Windows Driver Quality Group including the Driver Signing and Windows Logo process over the Internet ( feeding the Windows Catalog ( and the driver Windows Update site ( Over 50% cost savings in supporting the Windows Operating System drivers. Exceeded $50 million cash revenue to Microsoft through the driver signing and logo system.
• An innovative multidimensional design and delivery of the Windows Crash Analyses database recording over one million new driver crashes a day with detailed memory information. One terabyte data mart with premiere (OLAP) crash analyses BI reports. BI system delivery (cube, MDX, web parts, dashboards) facilitating Windows driver behavior research and hardware market share data for Windows OS.
• Database system to record file information related to a provider/consumer context. BI reports allowing WinQual customers see crash data in real time.
• Assistance to the SQL Server product team release the 2005 version by participating in the Internal Customer TAP program, discovering issues in the area of XML and Transact-SQL new features. Researched performance improvements on XML indexing and partitioning. Implemented a file store database, a product database, a process/workflow database an identity/context database and SQLXML patterns to test the limits of the technology and promote early adoption in our group.
• New technology research, prototype development, direction setting for the development team.
• Advise on simplifying and efficiently distributing the data for reuse.
• Program manager role on various projects.
• Advise on collecting, maintaining and sharing the team knowledge effectively.
• Methodologies for perfecting the software development process.
• Technologies: Windows Server (2003), Windows 98/2000/XP, SAN (Clarion), NAS, Windows Logo Hardware, SQL Server (2000-2005), BI Development Studio (SSIS, SSRS, SSAS), Visual Studio (2000-2005), MS Office, MS Project, Visual Source Safe (VSS), Source Depot (SD), Transact-SQL, Cmd SQL, XML (xQuery), XAML, C#, ASP.NET, Java Script, Visual Basic Script, MDX, MS Database Architect, ErWin, Visio, UML, Rational Rose, Iterative methodologies (SCRUM, Life Cycle)

Department of National Defence, Transport Canada (Ottawa, Canada) 1992 – 1999
Software Design Engineer; Consultant (through Information and Trade Systems, InnoVision, MacSol)
Architected, developed, migrated and maintained database and reporting systems on Microsoft and Oracle platforms.
• Migration, architecture and ETL for the new Aircraft Modification Approval system in Oracle.
• Application for managing the downsize process of the civilian personnel based on FoxPro and SQL Server.
• Modeling, design of a DB system for managing chemical products with military applications
• Scheduling applications, workflows and other DB modeling and design.
• Technologies: Windows Desktop/Server, Unix, SQL Server, Oracle 8, Reporting Tools, Case Tools (ERWin), PL/SQL, DMR Productivity Plus Methodology (Use Cases).
This certification does not expire
Microsoft - Designing Database Solutions and Data Access Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (070-451)
This certification does not expire
Microsoft - Designing a Business Intelligence Infrastructure Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (070-452)
This certification does not expire
Microsoft - Designing and Developing Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Applications (070-576)
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